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Sat 11th July - Mr Kyps, Poole
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Sat 18th July - Kidderminster Rocks, Kidderminster Town Hall
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JUNE '15


Another great night at The Garage on Saturday, a great crowd who were really up for it despite the really early start! Looking forward to our next show there later this year, on Saturday 19th December, when we'll be back to normal times - on stage 9PM.



A fantastic crowd packed out Diss Corn Hall for our first gig there on Saturday. We had a great time rockin with you all and we'll definitely be back after the venue has been refurbished.
Diss we salute you




All I can say about the crowd at The Brook is absof***inglutely amazing, completely sold out in advance. We're blown away by your incredible support and we can't wait till we come back and rock with you again later this year on Saturday 24th October.




We had a really great night at Central Station on Friday, to say the crowd were up for it is an understatement. We salute you and already look forward to coming back in 2016. Thanks to Sarah who sent us this message:

"An absolute superb performance once again last night by Dirty/DC @ Central Station! ..and their new Angus...well.... im speechless!! Fan-bludy-tastic!!! Thanks for a great night guys"



We really enjoyed returning to The Parkway Cinema after a long absence on Saturday. Playing on the stage in front of the big screen creates a great atmosphere which was helped by a fantastic crowd who all got down the front to rock with us, just how we like it! Great to see lots of long time northern followers as well as quite a few young first timers. Hope to see you all when we return to Barnsley later this year at The Birdwell Venue on Saturday 19th September.



Unfortunately Simon has had to retire from the band due to health problems, nothing life threatening thank god, but he cannot play live for the forseeable future. I know he has been really touched and thanks everybody for all the many many messages of good wishes. I think it's not an overstatement to say that Simon is a virtual legend in the tribute world with his uncanny portrayal of Angus Young. For over 15 years he has entertained and wowed audiences all over the UK and Europe, and I can honestly say that in all that time I've never once seen him give anything less than a stunning performance, coming off stage after every single gig drenched in sweat, completely exhausted having given everything for the show. Sadly this has taken its toll on his health and in his own words "It's time for me to start resting but for Dirty/DC to keep rockin" and rock on we do.

We welcome to the band Ralph our new Angus, a hugely talented and experienced performer in his own right, who has already been going down an absolute storm in our last few shows.

We look forward to seeing you all as we continue on the "Ride on Tour 2015".



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Saturday 13th June - Diss Corn Hall, Diss
Saturday 20th June - The Garage, Highbury
Saturday 18th July - Kidderminster Rocks, Kidderminster Town Hall
Saturday 25th July - Marlborough Hall, Halifax
Saturday 1st August - MFN, Nottingham
Saturday 26th September - The Empire, Belfast

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And then the finale Dirty DC, right from the off the energy is immense, taking the lead is "Angus" complete with school uniform and satchel wielding his guitar like some deranged loon hell bent on causing mischief. Following is "Brian" complete with ubiquitous flat cap, Geordie accent and steadfast approach to doing the stalwarts justice.

I am impressed from the off at the passion they throw into the music, ramping up the crowd, offering banter in-between the songs and building on the vibes every step of the way. The stage set up, complete with cannons, is great. The back drop is emblazoned with their name and gets new additions as it goes along, Hells Bells brings a cut out of a bell, surprisingly, Whole Lotta Rosie a voluptuous blonde bombshell bedecked in trashy hosiery, who, incidentally, brings more whoops and whistles than the real life ladies who were on stage earlier...

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Thanks to the Putney faithful for packing out the Half Moon again on Saturday to rock with us on valentines, you romantic lot! We salute you and look forward to seeing you all for our double weekender Friday 28th & Saturday 29th August.



Tickets already on sale for The Waterfront, Norwich on Saturday 10th October 2015.
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What a fantastic night at a packed out Level 3 for our first gig in Swindon for a long time. Great venue and crowd. Thanks to the venue promoter who sent us this review and Steve who sent us the message after:
"Flippin' excellent gig last night. Dirty/DC had an amazing sound, really tight rhythm section, Angus was on fire, and the singer got the crowd going, everyone went home smiling, a totally professional outfit, please come back soon." - Status Promotions

"Wow what can I say but a fantastic night. You guys always deliver the goods. Seen you at Mr Kyps a few times The Vic Swindon and now Level 3. You are the best tribute act out there and at times its hard not to believe it's AC DC up there on the stage. Down Payment Blues. Amazing. My voice has gone and a bit deaf but come back soon." - Steve



What a way to end the year, every gig in December sold out and over 500 at The Robin for the last gig of the year. We thank you all for your incridible support and look forward to seeing you all as we rock on into 2015 with the 'Ride On' Tour, which kicks off this Sat at The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield.



Well we knew you lot were up for it when the gig sold out months ago, but blimey we weren't expecting that! You nearly took the roof off. Our biggest salute to the people of Carlisle and thanks for your incredible support. We really look forward to returning next year, Saturday 6th June.
Tickets already on sale: click here



A brilliant night at The Box on Saturday, a fantastic well-up-for-it crowd as always. People of Crewe, we salute you, you never let us down. Also a personal salute from me to the bloke who air-drummed solidly through the whole gig, never missed a beat (him that is, not me!)




A massive thank you to the people of Dorking, who turned out in fantastic numbers (nearly 500!) to rock with us on Saturday night. Keep checking the website as we hope to announce a return date for next year soon.
Thanks to Mike for this message:
"Just a quick email to say well done for last night! It was a great gig my mates and I had a superb time. At one point we thought it was the real (if not younger) Brian Johnson!!! Catch you next time you tour this way! Well done again - we salute you"




What an amazing and emotional night. We dedicated the show to our dear friend and long time supporter of the band 'Little Ali' who sadly lost her long battle with illness recently. All her family were there and I'm sure she was rockin with us all in spirit. Thanks to everyone there for making it one of the best nights we can remember, we even had a marriage proposal on stage from Steve to Sarah who met at one of our gigs at The Brook 3 years ago. A really special night, all we can say is Southampton our biggest ever salute to you.

(Oh and she said yes by the way!!)

Thanks to AJ who sent us this email

"As an old school DC fan, I've seen a lot of tribute acts but nothing comes remotely close to Dirty DC! Simply put: the best thing to play AC/DC next to AC/DC. Bloody magic! Not only do they look great, act the same but you can tell from the bands smiles and antics onstage how much they love what they do. If you can't see the original band, see Dirty DC: they're THAT good!! As Jonna once said: 'the best fun you can have with your clothes on!' Keep it up!!!"



A great night on our return to Stoke on Saturday, thanks to a really enthusiastic crowd and hope to see some of you at our gig at The Box, Crewe on Sat 29th November.
Thanks to young Sam who sent us this message:
"The show last night can be described in 2 words: f***ing amazing! You guys always put on a great show and I can hardly hear a thing! You lads are always so down to earth and it was great of Steve to let me have a go on his guitar. You guys will always be the best tribute to AC/DC there is!"




Hells Bellsfast
Yous lot are unf**kingbelievable!! We really thought you were gonna take the roof off. Can't tell you how much we love coming over and rockin with you and how much we appreciate coming out every time to a packed to the rafters house. Thanks for an awesome night. Already booked in for Saturday 26th September next year & we can't wait.



Another fantastic night at The Robin on Saturday, always a great crowd. We really do appreciate the support. Special thanks to Tara Hill for great vocals on 'You shook me all night long' and thanks to Steve who sent us this message:

"Hi. Just wanted to say well done for the show you put on at the Robin last night. I went with my Dad who's hard to please and has been in some good bands himself. I asked him at the end of the night what he thought, "Bloody awesome" he said. I have to agree I've seen AC/ DC live and i have always avoided tribute bands thinking they wouldn't do the real band justice. Well you've blown that out of the water.
Thanks for a great night i am already looking for your next gig at the Robin and i will be there!!!"




Always one of the best weekends of the year, 2 absolutely fantastic nights at The Half Moon, Putney.
We can't thank you enough for your incredible support and we look forward to rockin' with you all when we return next year on Sat 14th February. One night only so get ya tickets early!



It was a priveledge to headline the great Bulldog Bash on Saturday. What a crowd, we're still buzzing! Thanks to George & Shay who sent us this message:

"Hi guyz, Just to say you absolutely Rocked the Bulldog I headbanged my way through your entire set. You sounded great You looked great and Everyone who was standing around us were seriously impressed (heard nothing but great comments)
C U All soon, Thanx
George n Shay (INCUBUS MC)"


JULY '14


We had a great time last weekend playing at The Sint-Henricus Festival in Belgium.
Thanks to Marnick (event promoter) for everything, and for sending us this message:

"You gave us a great show at Sint-Henricus Torhout (Belgium), best AC/DC imitation ever seen. It was the second time you came to our festival. This time with your full show, summary in one word: spectacular! Thanks a lot Dirty/DC!"


MAY '14


A fantastically enthusiastic crowd helped us keep up the energy on a very warm night on Saturday. Thanks to Martin for great bagpipes on long way to the top. Also thanks to Mike who sent us this message:

"Well I've seen most of the major tribute bands in the UK, but none come close to you guys. Just an amazing reproduction of the real thing (whom I've seen twice) both visually and aurally. PLEASE keep doin it and PLEASE come again. In the meantime I am gonna try and catch up with you somewhere else if I can. Thanks for a wonderful evening."
Cheers Mike




Two great gigs, two great crowds of 400 and 500 respectively. Once again enormous thanks for all your incredible support. If you fancy a read click here for a review of the Wrexham gig by Dave. Cheers Dave!



Brickmakers, Norwich

Another fantastic night at The Brickie's on Saturday. Absolutely jam packed and rockin. Thanks to Darrin who sent us this message:

"OMG! OMG! OMG! First time ive seen you guys and as a serious gig attendee and not someone who usually goes to see tribute bands, i cannot find the appropriate words to describe your band. Totally, totally awesome. Please, please come back again and play an even bigger venue as you could sell out anywhere.
Freakin brilliant night guys"



It really doesn't get any better than rockin' a jam-packed Empire, always sold out and always a fantastic atmosphere. What more could we want! Great to see you all and so many old friends that we go way back with aswell. Can't wait to do it all again when we see yous in September!



Another fantastic night, well worth the long journey up to Carlisle for our second gig at The Brickyard on Saturday. Huge thanks to an unbelievable crowd who sold out the venue weeks in advance. Sorry to anyone who didn't get a ticket, but we will be announcing a return for later this year very soon so keep checking the website and facebook.

Thanks to Bob who sent us this message:

"Felt compelled to write after another barn-storming performance in Carlisle on Saturday night - absolutely fantastic night and great delivery and choice of songs (slightly different from last Septembers gig which shows how versatile you are). Me and my mates are in our late 40's and early 50's so it took us back to when we first saw AC/DC on the For Those About To Rock tour in 1983. Come back to Carlisle ASAP - we would gladly pay to watch you EVERY Saturday night!"



We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to Kings Hall, Stoke on Saturday 11th October.
Keep checking the website as tickets will be on sale soon.



Another incredible crowd of 475 at The Brook last night. What can we say, you guys never let us down and we just love rockin with you all. Already looking forward to our next gig there later this year on Sat 25th October.

Oh.. and is it just me or was it strange to see a guy down at the front in a white towelling dressing gown?!
Fair play to ya mate, you wear whatever you want!




An absolutely amazing turn-out of just under 500 at Kings Hall on Saturday. Thank you for your incredible support and just to say we are absolutely gutted that we ran out of time and couldn't quite finish the set for you all. We will definitely be returning later this year, and will be announcing date very soon, so keep checking the website & facebook, and this time there will be full proper security!

For those who are coming to The Box, Crewe on Sat 26th April, tickets are on sale now. Always very busy so to avoid disappointment get 'em early: click here



The gig at Central Station, Friday 4th April, IS DEFINITELY ON.
For tickets: click here



Sold out over a week in advance, all we can say is Putney we salute you for your incredible support. Really sorry to anyone who didn't get a ticket but we'll be back for two nights in August, Fri 29th & Sat 30th.




Great to be back in Hastings on Saturday rockin' a packed out Carlisle after over a year. Thanks to everyone who turned out, we definitely won't leave it so long next time.



A fantastic turn out of over 300 on a rainy old night for our second gig at The Lights on Saturday. Thanks to all of you, we had a great time and will definately be coming back to rock with you over andover again. See you Jan 17th 2015.



What a brilliant night on Saturday to kick off the 'Hell To Pay Tour' with a jam-packed Diamond Club crowd rockin' harder than ever. We always have a great time there and look forward to doing it all again when we return in June.



Click Here to hear Simon's live radio interview on American rock station The Mega Watts Radio show



Date just confirmed for The Empire, Belfast, Saturday 15th March 2014. Tickets on sale now: click here

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